Why I Quit Facebook

Twitter is awsome! 140 characters then STFU!!! I only follow people I know so even if I only check it on the train twice a day I’m still not scrolling more than a couple pages to catch-up. And it only takes a few seconds to read each tweet. If there’s something really interesting I can star it and come back to it later.

For companies, blogs, etc. there’s RSS feeds in Google Reader.

It’s nice to have that separation. I know I can flush my backlog in Reader without missing something a friend says. And I know my Twitter is a quick catch-up on my friends without any corporate-ad-crap interlaced.

If I could do that with Facebook – and they had had a bit more respect for my privacy – I would still be active there. But I can’t. So I’m not.

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Why I think Facebook Has Gone Rogue

I agree entirely with what you say! I don’t really use Facebook any more, but I still use Smart Twitter to post my tweets onto Facebook because so many friends only live on Facebook – to them that’s the internet!!!

But I want to add that the “network effect” you speak of is observed elsewhere: why are so many tech companies in Silicon Valley? Or car companies in Detroit? In those two examples the logic is a little more concrete but the basic idea is the same – it’s a proximity effect. Sure Google could move to the middle of the desert and save a ton of money on rent and make their solar panels much more effective, but they loose much more from being out of the tech community!

Also, the free market has pre-requisites (and they’re not to be confused with effects). One of those is information – consumers need to have and be able to understand the information pertaining the product/service they’re buying. That’s why there’s standardized nutrition information on food, and labels on clothing, and oversight on pharmaceuticals that are beyond the average consumer’s comprehension, so we can make informed choices. That kind of thing is missing from all social networks – not just Facebook – and some (like Facebook) take advantage of that. It’s not really a free-market if it’s inefficient, and it might sound counter-intuitive but a little regulation could go a long way to make the market freer by helping consumers understand their choices and make informed comparisons.

Why I think Facebook Has Gone Rogue

Hide/Remove Google Buzz Updates from Your Gmail Inbox – google buzz – Lifehacker

Thanks to Life Hacker – and @JohnnyCanuck – I’m no longer distracted by Buzz when I open my GMail. Not that there’s anything wrong with Buzz but I use Twitter, and everyone and everything else uses Twitter. But so far all Buzz does is clone your Twitter and other social posts. If you want to Buzz your friends have to Buzz too – if they’re still on Twitter they won’t get your Buzzes. In essence, Buzz is like a glorified feed reader that lets you make comments and stuff to yourself – kind of like Google Reader (except I prefer and use Reader often during the day).

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