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How can I post to Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook at the Same Time?

a.k.a. Why are the social networks so anti-social towards each other?

a.k.a. Yet another diatribe on the dichotomy of Google.

We’ve all been in this situation: we’ve got a bunch of friends on Facebook; another bunch on Twitter, and a couple on Google+ (but if you’ve still got friends using MySpaceOrkut, or AOL I’m afraid I can’t help you). Now how do you share your words of wisdom, pithy commentary on life, and hilarious snap-shots with all your friends? You don’t want to neglect anyone but it’s a lot of effort post and re-post.

TL, DR; Use WordPress! Either WordPress.com or install your own from WordPress.org. You can link to all your social networks and the world (wide web) is your stage. Tumblr is a close second, and so is Flickr quite frankly (just use Ctrl+Enter to split your paragraphs)! Continue reading

Code in Google Apps Script editor

Where is the Best Place to Host my Web App

Web Apps are apparently the future. And why not? Browsers have become full fledged virtual machines capable of running powerful Javascript applications, and HTML and CSS have both evolved to include a lot more than just text and pretty colours.

One of the main reasons I’m looking into this is because I’ve made several unsuccessful attempts to build a couple simple web apps using Google Apps Script on Google Drive. Based on the documentation and the marketing it should have been simple enough. But I always ran into the same roadblock: Caja! Google uses Caja to sanitize (or cajole) your scripts and prevent any malicious activity on Google’s network. But running within a Caja sandbox is a whole new world where libraries don’t behave the way they should, standard features are blocked, and you need to use tricks for things that should just work. Continue reading

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What The Flickr! Three Things that Drive me Crazy About Flickr

I’ve been using Flickr since before forever! Well, at long time at least. I never really made much of it, and I’ve reset my account on more than one occasion and started all over again. But now that I have a smart phone and I’ve got Flync installed on it I’ve got a lot more photos on Flickr than ever before. Just like Google+ my photos are auto-magically uploaded to Flickr via Flync. I also use it to host my TwitterFacebook, and Tumblr pictures in one shot!

So with all those photos on Flickr I need to do a bit of organizing. Flickr has a convenient Organizer that lets you manipulate batches of your photos all at once. But it does have a few short-comings.

Hopefully Marissa Mayer is reading this blog and takes this criticism constructively so we see some improvements to Flickr! Continue reading

Google+ Sad
Google+ Auto-Awesome Year End

Holiday Memories and Other Thoughts on Google+ Photo Sharing

By now anyone who uses Google+ and regularly uploads photos – in particular auto-backups from your smartphone – has seen their Auto Awesome Year-in-Review video. Not withstanding your personal feelings about this you’ve got to admit this is a pretty incredible feat of technology to parse millions (billions?) of photos and videos and assemble them into personal time lines. It’s the democratization of technology, bringing the power to the little people!

Continue reading

Google+ vs Facebook (vs Twitter)

I get it Google, you’re on a noble quest to save the world from Facebook. I believe in your vision, I’m on your side, I applaud your efforts.


My phone automagically uploads all the pictures I take to Google+ where they are auto-enhanced to look great. You even animate them, make panoramas, and add sparkles!!!


I can organise them into albums. Google+ is not as good as Picasa Web was, but if you just made it possible to create an Album and an Event in one shot (from mobile as well as desktop) then you’d be a head of Picasa Web in one quick move.


But one of the main things I want to do with my photos of the kids is share them with the grand-parents! The grand-parents are not interested in Google+ or Facebook or Twitter. They don’t want a social network – they have line dancing classes and bus trips to the casino for that!


So just show them the damn album of their grand-kid’s latest activity or recital or performance or antics! Don’t tell them how great Google+ is, how easy it is to get signed-up, or how many people are already using it (trust me, their friends probably are not and never will).

I know they have an Android tablet. I thought that would easier than them getting a computer and maintaining it. But your assumption that using a Google account to activate the tablet, install apps, and receive Gmails means that they want to join Google+ too is WRONG!

Please Google, you do all kinds of cool stuff to open the world up to people from the comfort of their computer screens. Keep that in mind too with your own services and make their availability the highest priority.

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