Last Swimming Lesson of Summer 2009

We had a great summer at Valois Pool this summer, no matter the weather (it wasn’t as bad as the forecasters made it sound) and especially because of the lifeguards. Our daughter had a lot of fun and really progressed in her swimming (she practices every night in bathtub).

Our daughter’s instructors, Sean and Ryan, need to be commended for putting up with all of her terrible two behaviours! By the end of the summer she was jumping off the side and even trying to swim with her face in the water!

From Last Swimming Lesson of Summer 2009

The whole family looks forward to next summer, see you all then!

Lachine Canal Bike to DQ

One of our regular rides is along Lakeshore Road east to Lachine where we pick-up the bike path along the St-Lawrence River. We don’t usually make it past the Diary Queen though!

From Lachine Canal Bike to DQ

Melissa and her son Jacob met us there and we all enjoyed an ice cream together (well Thomas had to wait a few hours for his). As you can see from the photos Lindsay really enjoyed hers!

Another trip to Valois Park in the Snow

It was another beautiful day with the temperature just around zero and the sun shining bright. As soon as story time was over we threw (ok, struggled) on the snow suit and headed for the park. Lindsay’s friend Madeleine brought her dad and two brothers along too.

From Valois Park in the Snow

Of course the swings were a big hit, but enough snow had melted by now that sand was starting to show. That meant it was time to get dirty and they spent most of the outing underneath the play structure building sand piles!

Soaking my butt at Sunnyside

What a winter weekend be like if I didn’t struggle into my ski suit and head for the hills with my daughter and the toboggan?!

From Sunnyside Park Sledding

The weather was pretty warm this weekend and a lot of snow had already melted but we threw good sense to the wind, joined forces with the neighbour and her grandkids, and headed over to Sunnyside for a few runs.

Thankfully the joy of seeing kids have fun outweighs the misery of sitting in a puddle of slightly above freezing slush. Of course the princesses insisted on being pulled back up the hill by their faithful (grand)parent, but that’s all part of the fun.

We finished the day off with a picnic in the basement while watching Beverly Hills Chichuahua.

Thomas meets people

Thomas is getting lots of attention these days, as the throngs of spectators drop by for an audience.

From Thomas meets people

Seriously, thanks to everyone who has come by to welcome Thomas or has stopped us on the street to say hello. We really appreciate your happy thoughts. And thanks to those who gave him gifts and brought us food.

And special thanks to those who remembered Lindsay!

Trying the new carrier at Cap St-Jacques

It was a beautiful and I’ve wanted to go cross-country skiing with Lindsay since X-mas, but there was always something that stopped me (pneumonia, cast on the arm, etc.). Finally today was the day, we set out after story time to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather and give the new carrier we got as a baby-shower gift a try.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the temperature was a comfortable minus seven degrees Celsius. In short-order we had the skis waxed and in a pile at the trailhead.

Now the fun began. Did I mention this was my first time out of the season and I had to dig my gear out from beneath all the summer stuff that got dumped there in the fall?

The carrier was also new to me and I probably should have played with it some more at home. In other words, caved in to Lindsay’s demands to get into the carrier while in the comfort of my living room.

I did finally manage to get Lindsay strapped in and the carrier on my back. It’s much more comfortable than the old we have. And I’m sure it’s much more comfortable for Lindsay.

From Cap St-Jacques Skiing

And then JF pointed out I had throughly messed up the straps around Lindsay’s arms – no wonder she was tilted to one side and couldn’t turn her head to follow Chloe!!!

Other than that little strap mix-up though we had a great time. Lindsay really likes the new carrier and so do I. Thanks JF for driving. And thanks to all the quilting girls for such a wonderful gift.

Minh’s soccer game


Our friend Minh’s soccer team was playing in our area so we went over to see the last 1/2 hour of his game. It featured all the drama and excitement of professional soccer game: some awesome moves, some good goals, and some melodrama from the players!

Hopefully we’ll get to see more again soon!

Lachine Canal Picnic

Last Sunday we packed up the bike carrier, packed up the bike bags, and set off for a picnic in Rene-Levesque park (the Arboretum) on the Lachine Canal. We met up with our friends Christina, Nick, Pat, Minh, Jess, and Ada and enjoyed a beautiful summer (almost) day.

Lindsay kept us on our toes on the way there by throwing stuff out of her trailer. And the wind kept us peddling on the way back!

The full album is available on my PicasaWeb site.