Soaking my butt at Sunnyside

What a winter weekend be like if I didn’t struggle into my ski suit and head for the hills with my daughter and the toboggan?!

From Sunnyside Park Sledding

The weather was pretty warm this weekend and a lot of snow had already melted but we threw good sense to the wind, joined forces with the neighbour and her grandkids, and headed over to Sunnyside for a few runs.

Thankfully the joy of seeing kids have fun outweighs the misery of sitting in a puddle of slightly above freezing slush. Of course the princesses insisted on being pulled back up the hill by their faithful (grand)parent, but that’s all part of the fun.

We finished the day off with a picnic in the basement while watching Beverly Hills Chichuahua.

Thomas meets people

Thomas is getting lots of attention these days, as the throngs of spectators drop by for an audience.

From Thomas meets people

Seriously, thanks to everyone who has come by to welcome Thomas or has stopped us on the street to say hello. We really appreciate your happy thoughts. And thanks to those who gave him gifts and brought us food.

And special thanks to those who remembered Lindsay!

He is born

Our second child is (finally) born! We had a busy day on Sunday and finally that night shortly before 9pm out he came and joined his family!

From Thomas is born

He was born on February 22nd 2009 at 20:48, weighed 3,825g (8lbs 6.7oz) and was 55cm (21.65 inches) tall

We’re all really happy that Thomas decided to come out and play, especially his big sister who wants nothing more than to dote on her little brother.

Hiding under Maureen’s Tree

It was still nice out when we got home from daycare so I broke out the big sled and we played around in the front yard. At one point Lindsay discovered the neighbour’s pine tree. All the branches had drooped down and become frozen in the snow like a giant tent.

From Hiding Under Maureen's Tree

Of course I was instructed to follow her in and we had fun going around the tree trunk (a big stick) and going in and out.

Trying the new carrier at Cap St-Jacques

It was a beautiful and I’ve wanted to go cross-country skiing with Lindsay since X-mas, but there was always something that stopped me (pneumonia, cast on the arm, etc.). Finally today was the day, we set out after story time to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather and give the new carrier we got as a baby-shower gift a try.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the temperature was a comfortable minus seven degrees Celsius. In short-order we had the skis waxed and in a pile at the trailhead.

Now the fun began. Did I mention this was my first time out of the season and I had to dig my gear out from beneath all the summer stuff that got dumped there in the fall?

The carrier was also new to me and I probably should have played with it some more at home. In other words, caved in to Lindsay’s demands to get into the carrier while in the comfort of my living room.

I did finally manage to get Lindsay strapped in and the carrier on my back. It’s much more comfortable than the old we have. And I’m sure it’s much more comfortable for Lindsay.

From Cap St-Jacques Skiing

And then JF pointed out I had throughly messed up the straps around Lindsay’s arms – no wonder she was tilted to one side and couldn’t turn her head to follow Chloe!!!

Other than that little strap mix-up though we had a great time. Lindsay really likes the new carrier and so do I. Thanks JF for driving. And thanks to all the quilting girls for such a wonderful gift.

Playing in the front yard

At daycare our daughter likes to sit in the sled and be pulled around by the older kids. So I figured when the funk hit at home I’d sit her on the “big” sled and pull her around our yard.

That did the trick. Until I tripped in the knee deep snow and kicked some up in her face. Then she wanted to go inside and see mommy!!!

Wounded little warrior

We got a call on Tuesday from the daycare saying our daughter was complaining of a pain in her arm. We brought her home but other than avoiding that arm she was in good spirits so we took the next available doctor’s appointment which was on Wednesday evening. Fortunately the clinic had a cancellation and bumped us up to Wednesday after lunch because it turns out our daughter had dislocated her elbow.

The doctor wasn’t able to reduce it in his office since we’d waited so long and we ended up at the Childern’s Hospital. And kudos to them because they were amazing. So now our daughter’s running around, happy as a clam albeit with a cast on her arm for the next ten days!

Hopefully everything turns out okay when they take the cast off and there’s nothing more to worry about.

Lindsay’s first Advent calendar

Lindsay got an Advent Calendar from her Oma (and Opa) filled with chocolate last weekend and today she opened the first “window” to find her surprise.

Thanks Oma!

I remember when I was a kid my mother had a big Santa pinned to the closet at the end of the hall. And every morning through December until X-mas we would rush to find the surprise in today’s pocket (eventually we figured out it was the one with the bulge).

Now it’s my daughter’s turn.

First day at Valois Pool 2008

After a successful fishing trip and a delicious brunch in Rigaud for Father’s Day we went to Valois Pool for the first time this summer! It was the second day the pool was open and it was packed! Lindsay loved swimming around and sitting on the edge kicking and splashing me!