Samsung, S Planner SUCKS! #bloat #pretentious

Every time my phone reboots (because you’re crummy battery won’t hold a charge) your apps reset their configurations even though I DON’T USE THEM!!!

The worst is S Planner. I don’t use it. I turn off all the notifications. My phone reboots and WHAM, notification storm until I get in and turn everything off again.

You really think people are going to love your apps so much they will use them exclusively? Rather than one of the thousands of other, often better, choices?!

You have allowed the marketing department to run the show for too long! Time to put the engineers back in charge. Or at least allow me to remove your crummy apps from my phone.


Samsung can’t keep its hands off!

I get why the first three are there, I’m using Google Photos after all, and I have used them. But in next nine I would have expected Gmail to be higher up, Hangouts too. And I don’t see Push Bullet or WordPress or my SMS messenger any where.

For some reason though Samsung’s S Memo is first even though I never use it!

Samsung’s hardware is excellent. But the self righteous attitude they have drives me nuts!

Excessive permissions much @childrensplace

On visiting the mobile site it really pushes the app. But when you look at the permissions it requires you’ve really got to wonder what they are up to on your phone!

Location is the only permission that makes sense, to show nearby stores to my location.

Some one really has to explain why this app needs to control the flashlight in my phone! Are they worried about customers getting stuck in their stores during a power failure?

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Honestly Samsung, OS updates are NOT an opportunity to make all your S apps my defaults again!

Over the weekend an update came in OTA for my Galaxy S3. A quick check on the usual mobile web sites didn’t mention anything for me to be concerned about so I let her rip. But after the update the Samsung apps S Planner, S Memo, S Craptastic-bloat-o-rama were front and centre again in my notifications. Even though none of them have been my preferred apps for quite some time.

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Web Apps that can Replace Native Apps on your Smart Phone or Tablet

I’ve recently read about a few people trying to replace many of the apps on their phone with a web app or web site. So it got me thinking about what I could do on my phone and tablet.

There’s a few advantages to using browser-based web apps instead of native apps.

Web Apps vs Native Apps

Web Apps vs Native Apps

1. Most important is improved security and privacy
2. It reduces the pollution in your system
3. And they take less space
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