Just a test

This is just a test of the social media broadcast system. This is only a test! If this were a real post you would be liking and re-sharing by now!


YouTube’s Copyright Policy by ADoseOfBuckley

I’ve had some family videos, shared privately within my family, receive a take-down notice because of some bit of music that was playing in the background (noisy and barely audible but identifiable I guess).

So I recognize the frustration of real content creators who are legally using content but get caught-up in near but not totally perfect algorithms that drive most of what Google does.

Some times a little human intervention would go a long way.


Michael Geist’s Analysis of the TPP

Now is a very important time to be following Michael Geist’s blog, as he’s analysing the TPP in very clear and understandable terms. The actual agreement is over 6,000 pages long – probably the longest international agreement ever written and one that no one will ever read, let alone understand, entirely.

But Michael is breaking it down, piece by piece, and pointing out the impacts on our daily lives and the inconsistencies with Canadian values.

So contact your Member of Parliament, and let them know that you did not vote for the TPP. That the Liberals were elected to throw out these piece of Stephen Harper Americanization of Canada and keep Canadian laws made in Canada!


Free Trade vs the TPP

If you don’t know what the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is you’re in for a nasty surprise!

Michael Geist has written extensively on the subject, and his blog is a great place to start learning about it and the impact it will have on Canadian lives if it gets ratified.

All Canadians, let your MP know you want to see major changes to avoid handing over control to foreigners and big corporations.