The King Makers: Apple Takes Down an Indie Dev

Being a third-party developer you live by the whims of the master. Some masters are more transparent and easier to work with than others though.


UPDATE:  There is a follow up post here titled Transparency and Due Process

Greg Gardner is a good engineer.  In fact, he’s a damn good one.  He’s the kind of engineer that startup CEOs take comfort in, saying things like, “Oh, Greg has it, good.”  He’s the kind of engineer that you go to in the middle of the night when everything has hit the fan and you need someone that understands exactly how everything works.

I don’t know this by reputation, I know this because I worked with him.  I can recall several times when he spotted issues with code that I had written, things that most people would have missed but that would have resulted in problems.  Code reviews with Greg were often not easy, but I always came away a better engineer.

But, Greg is not just a “good engineer”, he’s also a guy that gets it…

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