If you took the #IceBucketChallenge did you also donate?

I realise the stated purpose of the challenge is to raise money and raise awareness. It didn’t start out specifically for ALS, but at this point they’re the defacto owners.

It has certainly raised awareness because every time I turn around someone is dumping a bucket of ice-water over their head.

I’ve been challenged too, so pretty soon you’ll see a video of me here getting a bucket of ice-water dumped over my head. Not sure about the specifics yet, but I’ll try to figure out something interesting.

I particularly like Neil Gaimon taking the challenge since he explains it very well, and I like how he works in the characters of his graphic novels. The UNHCR t-shirt is a bit much but hey, it’s a worthy cause too.

The best one though is Charlie Sheen’s video.

I like Patrick Stewart’s because it’s so classy and George Takei’s too because apparently the Enterprise’s shields are useless against buckets of ice-water. William Shatner’s is only memorable in that it shows that even movie stars forget to turn their iPhone horizontal when shooting video!

Once I’m done I’ll make a donation to a Canadian charity (if you made a donation to ALSA your tax receipt won’t be worth much). Only I’m more interested in heart disease and cancer research at this point in my life – Learn CPR!!!. And I tend to agree with the Macleans article and the National Post on the subject of where to donate.