He is born

Our second child is (finally) born! We had a busy day on Sunday and finally that night shortly before 9pm out he came and joined his family!

From Thomas is born

He was born on February 22nd 2009 at 20:48, weighed 3,825g (8lbs 6.7oz) and was 55cm (21.65 inches) tall

We’re all really happy that Thomas decided to come out and play, especially his big sister who wants nothing more than to dote on her little brother.

3 thoughts on “He is born

  1. Congrats, We finally have our power center for the Valois Toddler Timbits Team! Bring on the 2028 NHL draft!We are all very very pleased for the Cameron-Schultz clan.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Patsy and Eric,Congratulations on the birth of Thomas! I got the news from my Mom on Sunday, who said everything went well. Some great pictures. The little guy looks so cute and Eric’s captions are so funny, especially the one with the cat! Enjoy the transition to being a family of 4!Blessings to you all,Julia

  3. Congrats you guys! We are so tickled pink with the news. What a handsome wee man. The boys were excited to see his pic. I can’t tell you how proud of you I am and the joy we share with you on the birth of another beautiful and charasmatic youngling :)I’m sure my boys will look forward to showing him a few things or two when we visit! So glad to hear all is well and you are all adapting to the newest member of the clan. Much love and joy and I will try to connect with you tomorrow. Love you lots and congrats again! As William would say, may the force be with you 🙂Love you guys!!Moira, Blair, William and Spencer (and Hampton our new dog too!)

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