Wounded little warrior

We got a call on Tuesday from the daycare saying our daughter was complaining of a pain in her arm. We brought her home but other than avoiding that arm she was in good spirits so we took the next available doctor’s appointment which was on Wednesday evening. Fortunately the clinic had a cancellation and bumped us up to Wednesday after lunch because it turns out our daughter had dislocated her elbow.

The doctor wasn’t able to reduce it in his office since we’d waited so long and we ended up at the Childern’s Hospital. And kudos to them because they were amazing. So now our daughter’s running around, happy as a clam albeit with a cast on her arm for the next ten days!

Hopefully everything turns out okay when they take the cast off and there’s nothing more to worry about.

2 thoughts on “Wounded little warrior

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s a real bummer! She is a tough little kid not to raise a huge fuss about something painful like that. Hope she is better soon. -Peter. (The non medallioned one)

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