Google user profile’s expands

In a recent post on the Official Google Blog: New Google Help Forums one of the new features mentioned was

expanded user profiles that highlight your forum activity

Does this mean that Google is moving to consolidate user profiles across their services?! I’ve got at least three:

  • GMail
  • Reader/Shared Stuff (S2)
  • PicasaWeb
  • Blogger

Oh wait, that’s four! Having only one profile will be nice! Especially since I like the real internet (as opposed to the Farcebook internet) so can’t wait for some of these social aspects Google is working on to come together.

Another thing that would be nice is integration or an equivalent service (perhaps leveraging PicasaWeb – designate an album to store your avatars and be able to easily select one). The URL to avatar has to be exposed though and more services will need to integrate Google’s avatar service, take a URL as the avatar source, or there will need to be a tie-in with Google’s OpenID implementation.