Playing outside

So spring has arrived, the sun is high in the sky, and all the snow we got this winter (over 300cm) is thawing and re-freezing. That makes it strong enough to walk around on without sinking up to your belly-button frozen white shyte! And so out we went with Lindsay and her toys for a romp around the backyard; then hopped the fence and ran around the front yard a bit.

The full album is available online at my Picasa Web site.

St-Patricks Day Parade 2008

The annual March tradition of abusing Pat’s micro-kitchen to feed a horde of friends before heading down to Ste-Catherine’s street for the parade was held again this year. Much food was eaten, more Bailey’s was drunk, and Lindsay got to see her first St-Patrick’s Day Parade!

The full album is availabe on Picasa Web.


March Snow Storm

I love the snow! I think in winter it should snow, none of this wishy-washy maybe rain, maybe freezing rain, maybe snow. And I certainly was not disappointed this winter, what an awesome amount of snow we’ve had! But when we woke up to over 30cm of new snow this Sunday my back was starting to think enough is enough. Still, we had fun

The whole album is available online